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Providing bodywork for yourself is an investment on many levels. Such self-care is a wise elective in your many options to shape your bodymind and how you show up in your journey through life.

I have a well appointed dedicated treatment room with in-suite bathroom in our home off Del Mar Heights Road just east off the I-5 Freeway.Treatments at your location are an option if you have your own table setup and/or you are confined to bed or have limited mobility. However it is a valuable part of sessions with me to be able to unplugged from all the inputs that are every present in your home when you come to my treatment space. To travel to your location, the additional charge is $20 plus $40/hour for travel, and the minimum treatment duration is 95 minutes.



Price for

1 Session

3 Session

Package Price

65 $95 $265
95 $135 $375
125 $170 $465

Couples Sessions and Training for Friends and Family Available 

 Ask About Larger Quantity and Household  Discounts

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