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I began using the Thrive line of supplements in the spring of 2017 and by the end of the summer decided that my positive experience with the products warranted offering them to my family, friends and clients. At the heart of the matter is the sheer simplicity of the core Thrive experience which has enabled me to be compliant! What is compliant? Sounds serious... but it is really simple. If what I have to do is too complicated and time consuming then I have trouble sticking with it. LeVel hit the mark with Thrive.  The core experience takes so little effort yet yields awesome results. Check Thrive out here THRIVE and give me a call!


This is my other go to product line. What I love about Juice Plus is that it is based on whole foods as opposed to synthesized or refined derivatives, which is the most natural way to be sure that your body is receiving optimum nutritional support. In this age where the source and condition of our food supplies can be questionable, Juice Plus employs very high standards to deliver the full range of whole food nutrition. This can be very valuable when busy life styles do not permit the time and effort to shop and prepare the ideal meals we all desire. Learn all about Juice Plus here: JUICE PLUS.


If you have the time and desire to grow your own food but are not sure how to start and especially if you don't have land to cultivate, Check out this TOWER GARDEN! This approach gives you ultimate control over the source of your food.

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