Live Your Dreams Bodywork
Relational Somatics

My belief, based on personal experience, training, and extensive ongoing study, is that we are not just physical beings with a brain. We are highly complex energetic beings and our form and condition is a reflection of the sum of our experiences, beginning with conception, through gestation, birth and life to the current moment. Our bodies, of which the brain and nervous system is but one part, are a reflection of our life experiences. Reasons that people come to see me include pain, discomfort, dis-ease, tightness, injury, poor posture, etc. Drawing from a wide range of bodywork and other modalities I help you to locate, understand and change your experience with your body and in the process make the connections to life experiences and emotions that are integral to your current condition. The following diagram conveys the scope of resources that I bring to bear in my practice of Relational Somatics, where our relationship is the healing tool.

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