Live Your Dreams Bodywork
Private Practice Location

Live Your Dreams Body Work, my private practice, is conveniently located at the north east corner of the 5 Freeway and Del Mar Heights Road. This peaceful therapy location, provides an ideal environment where I am able to work with clients without the distractions and rigid time constraints of the typical retail massage business or even high end spa.

Pictured below is my Comfort Craft Model 750 table, with both vertical and mid-split motors. When you arrive is is covered by a Professional Size Infrared Biomat Heating Pad and linens. Some of the key features of this advanced table are:

  • Height adjustment allows me to modify the elevation throughout the session for optimum connection and pressure
  • Mid Split, a very unique feature, allows unloading of the low back and many other therapeutic stretching options
  • The head rest can be replaced by a platform for cranial work and drops away completely for incredible neck and shoulder access
  • Shoulder supports are easily removed for petite frames and shoulder mobilization work
  • Optimal cutouts allow me to attain optimum positioning of my contact and pressure

I have complete control of the room and table temperature, lighting and music selection. Stereo speakers are positioned on either side of the headrest that surrounds you in stereo sound and supports experiencing binaural engineering music.

All my reference materials are close at hand, as are a wide selection of essential oils and liniments, hot towels, professional grade vibration equipment and other manual tools including Gua Sha and optionally hot stones.

There is an in suite bathroom with convenient access during sessions and can be used to shower before or after sessions.

If you arrive early and the weather is pleasant, there is a teak bench in a private setting where you may wait. The entrance to the treatment room on the second floor is shown in the photo to the right.

The living room and back patio are also options for relaxing and discussion. Note that one of our two indoor/outdoor Bengal cats is occupying the far seat on the patio. The cats are never allowed in the treatment room, and for those with allergy to cats, with advanced notice additional precautions are made to minimize any exposure.

Finally not to be outdone by the destination spas, I have a pool and spa available for you to use before or after you treatment just 300 feet from out location.

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