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Live Your Dreams Body Work, my private practice, moved to Whispering Palms at the entrance to Morgan Run Resort in Rancho Santa Fe in May of 2020. This peaceful quiet location provides an ideal environment where I am able to work with clients without the distractions and rigid time constraints of the typical retail massage business or even high end spa. The video above walks you into and through the treatment space and adjoining bathroom.

225 Via Osuna, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091

This panoramic photo looking west was taken in front of the entrance marked by the magenta arrow. There is ample parking along the left side of the street before the mail boxes. The community pool is at the far end of this street just 250 feet from the entrance.

The entrance is between two garages

Ring the doorbell and enter though the outer gate. There is a waiting chair just out of view to the left should you arrive early.

The treatment room is through the double French doors to the right. Only one step into a private courtyard (ramp available) and double French doors directly into the treatment room and a table that goes down to only 18 inches above the ground make the treatment space wheel chair accessible.

Our Bengal cats, Tuppence and Zambuka, may be here to greet you. If you have cat allergies, rest assured that they are banned from the treatment room and The dual ionic air purifiers added since the pandemic give added protection!

This is a panoramic view from the foot of the treatment table. With central heating and air conditioning and a Biomat® on the table, there is complete control of the room and table temperature. Stereo speakers are positioned on either side of the headrest. immersing you in stereo sound field that supports experiencing binaural engineered music.

My advanced Comfort Craft table, with both vertical and mid-split motors, heated by a pro size Infrared Biomat® provides the foundation for a wide range of diverse work. Some of the key features of this advanced table are:

  • Height adjustment allows me to modify the elevation throughout the session for optimum connection and pressure
  • Mid Split, a very unique feature, allows unloading of the low back and many other therapeutic stretching options
  • The head rest can be replaced by a platform for cranial work and drops away completely for incredible neck and shoulder access
  • Shoulder supports are easily removed for petite frames and shoulder mobilization work
  • Optimal cutouts allow me be in the optimum position for my contact and pressure

Extensive library and reference materials are close at hand, along with a wide selection of essential oils and liniments, hot towels, professional grade vibration equipment, specialized tools for deep work, Gua Sha tools and cupping shown here along the east wall

The old standby Genie Rub (Aka belt sander) offers broad comforting vibration and the new Rapid Release offers intense high frequency vibrations for "rapidly"  and precisely treating specific muscles.

View of west wall with client chair and doorway open to curtained private hall leading to bathroom

Jetted soaking tub

Freshly made spearmint alkaline water and chocolate conclude sessions.

The bathroom with convenient access during sessions and can be used to shower before or after sessions and a therapeutic soak can be arrange for before or after the massage.


The living room and back patio looking out onto the golf course are options for relaxing discussion.

Finally not to be outdone by the destination spas, our community pool is available for you to use before or after you treatment just a short walk from  our location. I am able to offer Watsu sessions in the pool. The pool has an 8.5 foot deep end making it perfect for aerobic exercise using a float belt (provided).

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